These are not always going to work and may depend on the person, but they have been proven to have success in the past with motion sickness and could help you as well. Remember, you always want to discuss major changes in your diet with your local physician. Check these out and see if you can’t get a bit of a handle on that motion sickness.

Low Fat Foods – Eating foods with low fat is a great way to get the nutrition that you need without increasing your chances of getting sick. Having food in your stomach is going to make a big difference in your tolerance of the motion that you face on your trip. People that don’t eat are usually more susceptible to motion sickness.

Classic Crackers – Crackers may always seem like a boring choice, but it is a great way to get some food in your before you head out on your trip that has a great chance of staying down. You can also take them with you on your trip to snack on every now and then to help yourself stay free of sickness.

Ginger – Most people would not think of the herbal choice of ginger in order to help keep motion sickness at bay, but it really does help. It has been scientifically proven to help in fact. Some studies have actually proven that ginger can have a better effect on people than some over the counter medications. You can make a tea with ginger to take with you on your trip.

Peppermint & Other Candies – A good way to take your mind off of things during your trip and keep your breath fresh is with peppermint candies. You would be surprised at how often it really does work. Other candies can keep your attention as well, like jolly ranchers. It keeps you busy and doesn’t let you focus on things that might make you more sick.

Apple Juice and Tea – Tea is always a great choice when you are sick, and having motion sickness is no exception. Plus most of the time warm drinks are going to have a more calming effect on your stomach than cold. Apple juice, or any other juice that is not citrus, will also be a great idea to have with your food before you head out on your trip. Just make sure you don’t over do it and drink more than you should.

Ice Chips – An idea that is not used that often but can be effective is ice chips. Think about it, if you are busy sucking on ice chips you are not going to have time to think about getting sick. It pretty much has the same effect as candies do.